My less than a year old iPod touch

Is not working. Was fine last night, went to use it this morning and nothing - just a blank screen like its turned off. Can anyone offer any ideas as to what has happened?

geek_antbro1, Mar 8, 12:18 pm

It's under warranty. call Apple

geek_mazdasix, Mar 8, 12:22 pm

I got it duty free so that may be an issue

geek_antbro1, Mar 8, 12:30 pm

Rung apple - all sorted now.

geek_antbro1, Mar 8, 12:49 pm

wha happen?

geek_nzdoug, Mar 8, 1:00 pm


geek_hakatere1, Mar 9, 4:56 am

Probably just needed to charge it.

geek_loud_37, Jun 7, 11:00 pm

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