Nvidia driver issues

honeysacat, Apr 15, 12:08pm
GTX 960 can't play video through 2nd monitor without stuttering. 10 year old Xbox 360 plays 720p videos better than GTX 960 with nearly 3 billion transistors.
Three WHQL drivers later and problem still exists, wheres that WHQL certification coming from? Mr Huang's weetbix packet?
AMD Radeon never had this issue - even with beta drivers?
Geforce GTX 960 = EPIC FAIL!

schizoid, Apr 15, 1:17pm
is this some sort of bizarre reaction thread to the RG+SM thread?

wayne416, Apr 15, 5:59pm
Your joking.

king1, Apr 15, 7:50pm
you need your head read if you're using an Nvidia card after the rant in the other thread.
And this officially makes you a troll

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 8:17pm
Mr Huang eats weetbix?

honeysacat, Apr 15, 9:08pm
I got it because Suicidemonkey (and many others on this MB) said Nvidia was better in many threads that I read, now I am very upset that the product sucks and feel ripped off.

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 9:33pm
Don't feed the troll. Remember it's school holidays.

stevexc, Apr 15, 9:46pm
My GTX 770 had no trouble at all. It's about the same speed as a 960.

Upgraded to a 980 and it still works fine. Games run a whole lot better though :D

honeysacat, Apr 15, 10:30pm
I was hoping for a solution, not to be called names, after all you said Nvidia was better so you owe me.

morticia, Apr 15, 10:49pm
No one owes you anything, not even a reply to your puerile nonsense.

honeysacat, Apr 15, 11:06pm
4 year old HD6850 could play a blu ray movie through the 2nd monitor in full 1080p with no stuttering while BF4 was being played on the computer at the SAME TIME.
Yet a GTX 960 cannot play even 720p smoothly on the 2nd monitor while the PC is idle.
Please explain why this is happening Nvidia experts

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 11:12pm
Are you running a single card or is it in SLI? - if SLI monitors should be all plugged into main card (first one)
If it's single remove ALL Drivers & Nvidia software from your PC and reinstall see if that helps, you may be having some driver conflicts.
My Test machine has a GTX 480 in it and runs dual monitors fine (full HD video on one screen while doing other things on the other).

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 11:15pm
I'd happily help you if I didn't believe you were just trolling to try and make a point.

If you really had issues you'd take the card back to where you bought it from.

Also you called us all "NVIDIOTS" so yeah. probably won't get too much help.

king1, Apr 15, 11:19pm

honeysacat, Apr 15, 11:46pm
thanks for the reply. Its a single card and I have tried all of the above plus a driver cleaner program from Guru3d.

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 11:54pm
If you have done that - without testing myself, I would say you may have a faulty card.

suicidemonkey, Apr 15, 11:55pm
That's probably your problem. Drivers don't need to be "cleaned".

neoslowmo, Apr 15, 11:59pm
I did what I tell others never to do lol (assume)
I assumed he meant a driver remover program

honeysacat, Apr 16, 12:33am
Nvidiots is a new term in the tech world that describes a consumer who buys an Nvidia graphics card based on hype alone as opposed to doing research from non biased review sites. A example of an Nvidiot is a consumer who purchased the GTX760 over the R9 270x as these cards performed about the same but the GTX 760 cost about $100 more.
The term Nvidiots was never intended to cause offence.

suicidemonkey, Apr 16, 12:47am
Ah gotcha. Thanks for the explanation.

I'm going to have to swap my Nvidia products for AMD now, even though my video editing software (that is essential to doing my job and running my business) only accepts Nvidia Quadro cards.

But because some guy on the internet told me that AMD is better, I'd better listen.

cookee_nz, Apr 16, 12:54am
picnic (similar)

wayne416, Feb 15, 2:09am
So that makes you a Nvidiot of the highest order.

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