Best VPN for online gaming

sophxjady, Dec 27, 1:58am
Hi does anybody know the best VPN to use for online gaming? This is more so for xbox live but for the past 4 nights i have been getting DDosed on xbox live and have had no internet for a few hours at a time. I heard the free vpn dont work to well but i dont mind paying for a VPN if it works great. Thanks in advance.

vtecintegra, Dec 27, 3:47am
Gaming through a VPN just isn't going to work well - adds way too much latency.

gyrogearloose, Dec 27, 3:56am
Take your ball and play elsewhere, rather than with these sore losers.

suicidemonkey, Dec 27, 8:04am
You don't want to use a VPN for online gaming, it will make your ping go through the roof.

Better router? Better firewall?

I'm also a bit confused about these reports of people getting "DDoS'd". Surely your average gamer can't pull that off.

sophxjady, Dec 27, 12:51pm
Its all good now guys i already got a VPN earlier, works fine with online gaming

suicidemonkey, Dec 27, 10:49pm
Good luck with the latency

monsieurl, Mar 3, 2:25pm
Yup it's gonna be terrible.

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