Side bar obscuring part of game

Don't know how to fix this or is fixable.
Playing Candy Crush Soda (on Facebook) on this lap top and when opened part of he game is obscured by sidebar with game ads on right side of screen. Playing Candy Crush it is OK Only when I play CC Soda it happens (I tried to take a screen shot but not working or some reason)
I can just see very tiny bit of the edge the off button in top right corner or I have to click on back button to get out o game or to restart it. Doesn't happen on my other laptop yet screen size etc are same. Any clues be appreciated :)

geek_missrat, Mar 26, 3:29 pm

Maybe make your screen size smaller. I find this does help.

geek_chookpan, Mar 26, 3:45 pm

Ok will give a go later Thanks :)

geek_missrat, Mar 26, 3:54 pm

Doesn't make any diff but ta anyway

geek_missrat, Mar 26, 4:02 pm

chrome/firefox + adblock (plus) extension would be worth a try - no ads to interfere then

Otherwise try zooming the browser a little Ctrl and +/- on the keyboard

geek_king1, Mar 26, 4:19 pm

turn the sidebar off, its one of your widgets, totally useless bit of bloat at the best of times

geek_skin1235, Mar 26, 7:26 pm

How do I do that skin1239 ? It's on Facebook

geek_missrat, Mar 27, 3:40 pm

Just used ad-block. FB games sidebar sill there. Seems can't do alot about it. Tried zooming browser too, makes no difference. Thanks for suggestions.

geek_missrat, Apr 17, 5:14 pm

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