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skin1235, Apr 16, 7:24am
yesterday had an issue never come across before

had an external plugged in, was halfway through copying some files to it when the drive became "unavailable"
first thought was 'you bastard', unplugged the external and rebooted
got the "system disk not found" message, rebooted and went to boot menu selected the sys drive and it booted perfect, on reboot without boot menu "sys drive no found" again
checked connections on drives and rebooted, same message
on yet another reboot I sent it to bios and checked settings

the boot sequence was totally screwed
reset to correct params and it hasn't played up again
like me most of us here assume when sys disk not found comes up the drive has failed or the the mbr has become corrupted
just a note for the future - check the bios boot sequence too

ross1970, Apr 16, 9:23am
Hopefully all those without a mbr won't waste any time assuming/wondering if its corrupted.

mrfxit, Feb 11, 9:24pm
LOL Steve, Thank you for sharing the "freaky stuff happens to me" story.
Nice to know it's not just me stuff that like this happens too.

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