Slingshot Speed Test

sapper1, Apr 17, 5:59am
Anyone done a broadband speed test on slingshot lately? Every time I try to run one I keep getting the Oracle page advertising Java. That's not normal. Maybe it is the new owners.

suicidemonkey, Apr 17, 6:16am
What website are you using to do a speed test?

This one is the best:

honeysacat, Apr 17, 7:41am

sapper1, Apr 18, 2:31am
Thanks guys. My test reads: Ping 6.8ms, Upload .89mbps, Download 16.96mbps. Is this good, bad or run of the mill? I'm not sure what I should be seeing for a PC on a homeline broadband.

lilyfield, Apr 18, 2:34am
its good

intrade, Apr 18, 7:48pm
there is a problem with sites move to html 5 from flash
also dont do a local test that is usless you dont look inside your fridge whats in there when you want to know what is in your fridge when your in australia , or europe. stuff in your internet is hardly ever local. so you need to choose a test place ofshore using the same wire the whole country uses to see how bottlenecked your speed is.

intrade, Feb 7, 2:53pm my result to a place that wont have likely the most powerfull conections. usa is not to choose as the cable from here goes to the usa as one of the main routs, here look at when i just test locally there is a difference ping is usually a tell tail where they tested the conection unless you live 2 meter from a adsl exchange or are on fibre optics your ping will not be single digits unless you test wrong.

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