Trust Power broadband?

Anybody using it? Is it good? fast? The offer of power and $49/month for unlimitied broadband sound REALLY good!

geek_coolsell081, Apr 1, 8:43 pm

My son has gas, electricity and fibre BB with them and he's checked all the offers and it's best for him in Hamilton.

geek_fishb8, Apr 1, 9:45 pm

I doubt that they have their own network. They will just be a retail outlet for the Chorus or UFF network so the speed will depend on which network and plan you choose.

geek_travis47, Apr 2, 6:19 am

We were going to go with Trustpower, but they mucked us around too much. So we went with Slingshot, who mucked us around even worse.

That price is pretty damn good though. Check the fine print. The unlimited is cheaper than the capped plans, so there may be a speed throttle or something.

geek_schizoid, Apr 2, 11:19 am

We are on Trustpower, no issues here.

geek_gammelvind, Apr 2, 8:35 pm

Thanks :)

geek_coolsell081, Apr 2, 9:25 pm

Are you sure it is not the cost of power plus $49 for the BB

geek_newbie5, Apr 3, 5:21 pm

I just checked their website and it is added as an extra if you get your power with them .Plus it also says $49 for the first 12 months

geek_newbie5, Apr 3, 5:25 pm

you should delete this post

geek_king1, Apr 3, 5:25 pm

Cheap broadband but expensive electricity rates so it cancels out the cheap broadband.

geek_mr-word, Apr 3, 9:04 pm

In the long term they will screw you on both

geek_sqidlie, Apr 3, 11:44 pm

They are the most expensive electricity provider in most cities across most usage tiers.

It would be worthwhile if you stick with them for a year and your a low user
from Auckland. Prices are locked in till 2017 so I assume its a 36 month

geek_mr-word, Apr 3, 11:48 pm


geek_newbie5, Mar 25, 9:26 pm

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