Curious about gmail

lilyfield, Feb 25, 5:54am
has anyone ever come across a glitch with them?
several emails to same recipient came back as failure to deliver. rechecked spelling three times. .Always correct
. Now its working suddenly.
by selecting the address highlighted in blue as delivery failure, and apparently wrong, -it goes through.
All working now- was just weird and I have been blamed with a senior moment.

ross1970, Feb 25, 9:07am
recipients incoming mail server may have been the prob.

flower_tears, Feb 26, 8:40pm
The recepient inbox might be/was over quota.

lilyfield, Feb 26, 8:54pm
no not all all.
once the sender sender had sent me a mail which I then returned- it worked. really weird, and definitely no spelling mistakes.

lilyfield, Jul 2, 5:23pm
lets blame Flip?
they have also disconnected same persons land line.

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