Android 5.0.2

sapper1, Jan 21, 10:34am
Have they stopped playing around with Jellybean and Kitkat? My tablet (Nexus 7 II) had an auto upgrade today and I note the new OS is called Android 5.0.2. Quite a different layout with a new google keyboard - looks like it is designed for a smartphone, not a tablet. Not sure what else has happened; will have to work through it slowly.

suicidemonkey, Jan 21, 10:46am
5.0.2 is Lollipop, the new version. And yes, the tablet version does look more similar to the mobile version now. It's a very good OS though, a nice upgrade.

vtecintegra, Jan 21, 5:53pm
Android hasn't actually had a proper tablet layout since 4.0 - since then they changed to using the phone layout on all devices

elleg, Feb 8, 8:02am
Is it a bit buggy? I seem to have extended delays between keyboard/screen and between changing screens since installing.

mazdasix, Sep 4, 5:07am
Shouldn't be. Do a factory reset.

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