Help with removing audio from videos

blondie191, May 28, 10:57am
Can someone please help me in explaining to me how you remove audio from videos that I have uploaded to youtube? They are for assignments and the audio is not needed on them. Do I do it thru youtube or go back to my video player on the computer which I used to copy them to youtube? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

gyrogearloose, May 28, 7:50pm
If you don't yet have 1000's of views on YouTube you could certainly re-edit the video on your computer and replace the sound with silence, and then upload it again.

But, if your video already has 1000's of views and you don't want to lose that history by replacing the video, you can do this: sign into YouTube and select the video in Video Manager. Click on the 'Audio' tab and then select a random featured track from the right (these are the royalty free tunes). Then at the bottom of the video, use the positioning controls and drag the 'End' marker all the way back to the beginning. So it's going to play the song, but it will finish as soon as it's started. Then click 'Save' or 'Save as new video'.

piperguy, Sep 28, 2:58pm
Why not just mute your computer?

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