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battgirl, Mar 11, 12:37am
Have been trying to reach Apples NZ Customer Service line for almost 2hrs (over about 6 attempts) is morning with no luck. Just want confirmation that the courier they told me would pick up my returned iPhone 6 last Thurs is actually on its way. cos obviously they won't process my refund until they get it back. Does anyone know of an email address I can contact them on, or if I can just take the phone into a local stockist (no Apple Store here so thinking DSE) to send back on my behalf?

They were JOLLY quick to take my money and send me the phone (ordered in online Thurs morning, cancelled Thurs afternoon, arrived from Australia Friday) but I can't contact them to take it back in accordance with their returns policy.

suicidemonkey, Mar 11, 12:44am
Apple after sales support is usually very good.

There are plenty of ways to contact them:

0800 692 7753 is a good start.

And no you can't just rock up to any random retailer to sort it out for you. Except maybe YooBee.

battgirl, Mar 11, 1:09am
Thanks for your reply.

That's the phone number I've been trying all day with no luck. As you say, they are usually pretty good, and I was able to call to cancel my order with no problem. things just seem to have stalled since then and I'd quite like my $999 given I cancelled it before it was even dispatched.

Will just have to work on my patience I guess.

(I was also secretly hoping that posting this would give the Universe a bit of a jolt and they'd pick up the next time I tried. 7 mins and counting. )

lovelurking, Mar 11, 1:13am
. Why did you order it?

I don't think apple deserve your wrath and the angry face.

Their customer service goes way above and beyond any other large corporate retailer I've dealt with.

battgirl, Mar 11, 1:15am
And as I was posting the edit on that last message. Tina picked up and is sorting it!

As you were.

suicidemonkey, Mar 11, 1:17am
They have a returns policy, OP is within their rights to send it back within 14 days.

battgirl, Mar 11, 1:19am
It wasn't wrath, it was frustration and being on hold for almost 2 hours (and for the record, they only have 4 songs on loop). I don't think my wee angry face will bother them one way or another.

Oh, and I ordered it because I wanted it. but then promptly got the guilts about spending that sort of money when I have a perfectly good phone already. I can't fault their ordering service as my change of heart happened within 2 hours and I'd apparently already missed the international courier.

lovelurking, Mar 11, 1:35am
Buyers remorse!

I get that too sometimes.

battgirl, Mar 11, 1:44am
Big time! Imagine my internal struggle when it turned up the next day and the money had quietly slipped off my credit card without making so much as a ripple. SOOOOO tempted just to keep it but now the refund process is in motion I'm determined to get the bloody thing away from me!

lovelurking, Mar 11, 2:17am
Yep, they are still making them!

I try to remind myself how many hours I need to work to pay for it, helps resist the impulse buying and then wait til it goes on sale. Trouble is apple are pretty staunch and don't have many sales.

battgirl, May 30, 4:11am
Coincidentally, the day after receiving and cancelling my order for the iPhone 6 I dropped my Samsung 3 for the first time ever and smashed it's screen to bits. so I bought a new Samsung 5 to replace it.

I therefore currently own 3 phones. which is just a bit silly.

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