Mobile Phone to UK?, May 20, 8:23pm
Should I take my mobile phone with me when I go to UK (holiday coming up) and get a new SIM card for it there or buy a cheap one in UK? I only want it for using in the UK, not calling NZ and purely want it for staying in touch with people. My phone is a Samsung GT 15503T.
Thanks for any advice (I am thinking that as I am not hugely phone savvy that I should use the phone that I already have as I know how it works!)

gsimpson, May 20, 8:28pm
Global roaming will allow you to use your existing phone overseas

jojo76, May 20, 9:00pm
We just got a sim while over there, cheap as chips

cafc2012, May 21, 2:13am
But at eye-watering cost.

cafc2012, May 21, 2:23am
If your phone is 'locked to a particular New Zealand network, a UK SIM won't work. If it is not locked, any UK SIM wil be fine,

Alternatively, buy a phone when you get there (O2 and Vodfone both have NZ$20-25 basic easy to use phones) and a 'pay and go' monthly package for NZ$20 with 100 texts and 150 to 250 minutes of calls - and of course that new phone would come with a UK charger., May 21, 3:40am
Yes good point about the charger. Stuff to think about me thinks. At least if I leave my phone at home the kids can borrow if they need (they don't have their own. yet at age 18 and 14).

jimijimijimi, May 22, 5:33am
Definitely get a sim card there. Any superette should have them. Some allow free overseas calls. Look at the packages. The last one I got was 99p. for SIM and then top up 10 pound gave 300 texts amd 500MB international calls were 5 p a minute. When you top up more it gets cheaper. I definitely had on that gave free texts to NZ on one of my trips.
If you put your NZ sim in to check texts etc. made sure you are in a free wifi zone, and turn your data roaming off. (I think that's how it works.)

jimijimijimi, May 22, 5:35am
Check their websites. 02 and vodafone.

gsimpson, May 22, 9:47am
So long as one is modest with the calls and use hotspots for data the cost and convenience of keeping phone and number was worth it for me. It just grabbed the local vodafone network of the country we were visiting. Easy.
It is something that should be at least looked at and numbers put there before writing it off.
Compared to the cost of the holiday the cost of the phone bill was trivial.

ro42, May 22, 11:43pm
You can get an 'all you can eat' (calls, unlimited data, texts) deal with Orange (I think) for £15 a month. If your phone is locked, there are plenty of places in the UK that unlock for about £10. An adapter will deal with the charger. Having unlimited data is great, especially if using google maps for a guide, which over there is fantastic - tells you about traffic jams to the point of saying you'll save 5 mins if you go off and back on to a road at a junction!, May 23, 10:38am
Thanks for all your answers, problem is we are all different technologically and what we want from our phones and how we use them. I am only a basic user.
Mmm not sure now. I definitely don't want to keep in touch with anyone in NZ as I can use my mother's landline or computer for that (and not planning on doing that more than once a week). However I do need a phone for keeping in contact with people in UK I will be visiting. My current phone is a pay as you go and I probably top it up every 3 months or so with Telecom, oops I mean Spark. Have never used my phone for anything other than calling or texts don't use any of the other features and not sure if it even has them, also have no idea how to use the camera. I think I will buy a cheap one in UK and leave it there when I return for someone else to use. I do have a friend who is currently living in UK but she has a much flasher phone than me and took it over and got a new SIM card, I think she uses it for emailing also.

moltenfire, May 25, 1:55am
Buy a phone there. 25 quid will get u a pretty decent htc and a months heavy use as a non-contract will cost you another 20 quid. If you pay an extra 10 quid for the phone, it will not be locked to a UK network and u can bring it home and put a NZ simm into it at a later date. Chargers pretty well all the same now - usb connection.

cafc2012, Oct 17, 9:15am
- eye watering!

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