Using Messenger on Ipad

I'm using an Apple Ipad which has decided it wants me to use Messenger on Facebook now. I notice that what I THOUGHT was a private message sent on Facebook, now appears to be very public on Messenger. Am I correct?

geek_johnhb, May 22, 9:53 am

Messenger is private and doesn't post to your wall. Messages only get sent to your chosen recipient. Google for any number of tutorials.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 22, 11:51 am

As above, also not Apple that decided it wants you to use Facebook Messenger, was totally a Facebook initiative.

geek_remmers, May 22, 12:25 pm

This. posts #2 and #3 in a nutshell

geek_brycer, May 22, 12:38 pm


geek_johnhb, Oct 29, 10:25 pm

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