Cable for iPad

thitryfiver, May 23, 12:17am
Am wondering if there is a cable I can buy to connect iPad 4 to a plug board , extending the length from the charger cable & plug.

pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 12:40am
search trade me for USB extension cable.

thitryfiver, May 23, 11:15am
Thanks, have looked through listings, but need cable with outlet for the 2 prong iPad plug & cable with plug with prong s to fit in a plug board, I am guessing a ordinary short electrical extension cord woul not be suitable ?

pyro_sniper2002, May 23, 11:19am
I don't really get what you're asking here. There is no reason you can't use an extension cord, but I'm not really sure why you think there would be?

suicidemonkey, May 23, 11:57am
Yep. a regular extension cord would work fine.

suicidemonkey, May 23, 12:17pm
Er they didn't say a USB cable. they said a 2 prong cable. i.e. electrical.

USB does not = 2 prong.

thitryfiver, May 24, 10:24am
I should have said I am 80, did not want to risk damaging iPad by using standard electric extension cord, it will be easier to use extension cord ito charge iPad close to bed,
Thanks for comments especially suicide monkey.

cafc2012, Oct 17, 2:29am
Using a regular extension cord won't put your iPad at risk. The current is controlled by the adapter, so whether you plug that directly into a wall socket, a multi-board or an exnesion cord (or indeed, all three) won't impact your iPad.

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