boo128, Feb 28, 7:00am
We have a laptop and it was working fine this morning . I tried to join a photo site not unlike vistaprints and to go to next page i had to ok some cookies, but took too long and didn't download so i just closed windows. Partner comes on puter and says fb just goes round and round so he shuts down puter.
now the puter wont open to desktop. Power is on, we have reset, unplugged etc but the little red light that goes green when you press a key just stays red.
Any help please

cat286, Feb 28, 7:08am
Shut down, remove battery, wait a minute, re-insert battery, restart.

boo128, Feb 28, 7:20am
Thanks we using electricity but will try your idea as well

cat286, Feb 28, 7:21am
Shut down, remove electric cord, remove battery, wait a minute, re-insert battery, plug in electric cord, restart.

boo128, Mar 1, 10:39pm
Is photobox a virus

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 12:02am
Probably not, but you will have to give us the link as there are several different ones.

lythande1, Jun 26, 10:27am
You NEVER have to OK cookies.
More like some malware.

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