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r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 8:27am
I'm thinking of buying an old PC with Windows 7 Pro (Dell Optiplex 780 PC, ex business), and putting the HDD into a newer computer. Am I likely to have a problem getting it reactivated? I expect I'll need to phone MS, but I'm unsure if some licenses will be for Dell only.

r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 9:02am
Hmm. this 'sysprep' method looks promising! Has anyone done this?

gibler, Apr 2, 9:07am
why do you want to do this?

r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 9:38am
A cheap way of getting a newish computer running XP up to Windows 10.

ianab, Apr 2, 10:01am
Yes you will have to phone MS. Yes they will activate it if you have a valid key and double pinky promise that it's only intalled on one PC.

It's supposed to be linked to the "hardware", but no one has actually said what hardware. The case? The CPU? The Mouse? The power cord? The hard disk?

Just tell them you replaced the motherboard (and everything else) and they will reactive it.

king1, Apr 2, 10:33am
A new motherboard is a new PC as far as MS licensing is concerned, better to say the HDD failed

ianab, Apr 2, 10:53am
Done it. Motherboard failed in warranty, NZ PC builder send a diffent system board as a warranty replacement as the original was no longer available. Try sourcing a 2 year old Gigabyte board, you wont find a new one.

Phone call, double pinky crossed promise, and got a new code. It's not worth their time to argue and face a lawsuit from a legit customer. Someone at some point paid for a licence, as long as you aren't installing to 100 PCs to flog off cheap, they don't really care. It's easier for them to just give you the code and have you go away semi-happy.

The system board is actually a minor part of many PCs. You can spend $1,000 on a GPU and $500 on a CPU, and plug it into a $100 motherboard if you want. Is your licence tied to that crappy $100 part? The actual sticker is on the case, is it tied to that?

I dont think it's been tested in court, because MS will reactiveate you if you ask nice.

ross1970, Apr 2, 6:51pm
Aren't ms giving free upgrades to W10 for 7 and 8 regardless of wether the install is genuine or not? So just install 7 pro to your new pc from any system builder disk, activate it with daz loader. Why go and buy another pc just for a license?

r.g.nixon, Apr 2, 7:01pm
Daz loader? I don't want to be illegal.

cafc2012, Apr 2, 8:37pm
I had a PC die last week, and replaced the motherboard and processor. Given that I has bought an OEM version of windows 7 when I build the original, I was sure that it would fail registration and I'd have to call Microsoft, but after the install (to a new SSD) and update, the registration was accepted without batting an eye.

In the past I've had to call when transferring a licence ( including from an ex lease Dell pc) and never had any problems with them giving a new code.

black-heart, Apr 2, 9:13pm
I have done this and been denied a new activation, I simply called back and said it was the hard drive, they activated it.
Paragon make a boot CD iso that does a nice job of getting your windows install running on new hardware.

king1, Apr 2, 10:05pm
and just because windows activates doesn't necessarily mean you are in fact complying with the terms of the MS license agreement

d.snell, Apr 2, 10:53pm
You'd still be "illegal" by doing what you explain you want to do by using another computer's OEM Licence, so I can see no difference.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 2, 11:03pm
+1 You see it here often and the consensus from most seems to be if MS can't detect it's illegal then it must be legal, right?

ross1970, Apr 3, 12:03am
You're not really, You're simply doing what MS want. You think they want people staying with Xp, or not adopting W10? They want as many people as possible adopting W10 as early as possible. For MS to come out and say W10 will be a free upgrade for 7, 8 wether they are legit installs or not proves that point. They don't really care how you get on board as long as you do.

gibler, Apr 3, 12:05am
OK. But I'm thinking the cost of (full, not upgrade) Windows 10 will probably be well under a hundy once it launches.

vtecintegra, Apr 3, 12:06am
Well I guess it might have if that is what they said (they didn't)

black-heart, Apr 3, 4:38am
you're kind of throwing the term legal / illegal quite wrecklessly.

ross1970, Apr 3, 4:43am
Care to correct me then ?

d.snell, Mar 27, 9:12pm

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