Iphone powering off

My phone is shutting itself off. When I hold the top button, it doesn't turn back on. I have to hold the top button and the round button on front together (as suggested by someone), until the apple appears. I use it then in shuts itself completely off again. Any ideas. Have I turned something on or off in the settings that it won't stay going or turn on when pressing the top button on the top edge.

geek_tanya170, Jul 3, 9:04 pm

Sounds like it's faulty.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 3, 9:09 pm

How old is it? Battery sounds faulty

geek_jon9, Jul 3, 10:57 pm

Yea hard reset it by holding power button and centre button like you did. Hold both until you see apple logo. Then plug charger in. Or if it won't reset just plug charger in. If it continues to do it while unplugged, it needs a new battery.

geek_trevenco, Jul 3, 11:11 pm

Thanks. I plugged charger in and left overnight so was fully charged. So far today it hasn't done it. Thanks

geek_tanya170, Jun 25, 10:55 am

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