ratherbefishin, May 16, 3:43am
Anyone having the same problem. know a fix?

raf55, May 16, 3:57am
Stop tickling the mouse
Or better still check the sensitivity controls for the mouse

ratherbefishin, May 16, 3:59am
Yep done that.

pyro_sniper2002, May 16, 3:59am
Remove any hairs etc that are in the sensor under the mouse, replace batteries if cordless.

wayne416, May 16, 4:03am
Optical mouse?, if so unplug and plug in again. If you use an optical mouse but having this problem while not using it find mouse and turn off. Friend had this problem, using computer, had left mouse it bag turned on.

suicidemonkey, May 16, 4:05am
Try a different mouse

ratherbefishin, May 16, 4:19am
Corded mouse?

ntalke, May 16, 9:05am
If a corded mouse they suffer electrical breakdown of the USB cord close to the mouse
Hold the mouse still and just move the cord ans see what the curser does

Had 2 do the same

cookee_nz, May 16, 6:53pm
Optical mice react to certain surfaces erratically, if it is the same area where it previously worked ok give the surface a good clean, or try different mat, those with images or patterns can cause problems.

mrfxit, May 16, 9:31pm
ALL very good & common answers .

Well done ;-)

jefrys17, May 17, 12:35am
Is it a laptop ? Your palm might be brushing the onboard mouse.

dawn1, May 17, 12:59am
Change the batteries

rarogal, May 17, 1:04am
Ours was doing that at work, turned out we had a virus.

coralr, Nov 14, 10:26pm
mine did that and always wondered why - it stopped when I bought a new mouse

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