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afroiz, Apr 9, 10:46pm
I found an old physical copy of a game that I have entered the product key on an old steam account and I now want to use it on my new steam account but it says I cant due to all ready being connected with my old steam account, is there any way I can unattached it or something so I can use it on my new account?

farside03, Apr 9, 11:00pm
Nope. You can buy games to give as gifts, but once they are activated on your personal account, that's it. Locked down tight. However, in saying that, I was once able to transfer the licence for a pre-owned copy of Portal 2 (PS3 with a Steam activation code) which I picked up from EB. I had to provide them the receipt (which luckily did not say the game was pre owned) and photos of the game case and activation code along with a handwritten ticket number from them. Contact Steam support, but in your case I doubt you'll have any joy.

newbie5, Apr 11, 6:40am
Maybe you can only play on an old steam powered pc

king1, Apr 11, 6:50am
Sad I know, but I just had to Google that.

schizoid, Apr 11, 3:11pm
who wants to own an account for every game they want to play? That's one of the stupidest things I've read here.

You do realise Steam is a digital service right?

schizoid, Apr 12, 3:28am
Then you'd rather have something that barely exists, and certainly wont at all in the near future. Have fun not being able to play PC games.

schizoid, Apr 13, 1:20pm
steam updates are never gigs big. Unless you mean the game updates. You can disable auto updates in preferences, that is if you don't want to play an up to date patched game that is.

cafc2012, Apr 14, 3:49am
Except of course that you don't physically own the games you buy, even if they come on a dvd. What you buy is a limited licence to play the game, you don't own it. Read the terms of the EULA, you don't hace the 'right' to sell it.

schizoid, Apr 14, 9:17am
Ok, so now anyone who reads this thread knows to disregard your posts.

black-heart, Apr 14, 9:33am
I've only ever had 1 steam account, the cheaper prices make up for the non-resaleability.

Of course if you're buying full priced games on steam, for teh same price a shop bought boxed copy costs. you're a bit thick.

It's not anywhere near a scam, all the limitations of steam are well known. Some people want the cake and to eat it too.

intrade, Apr 14, 9:54am
you just log on your account with user name and password to steam and your on. you will need to verify the account with the e-mail adress you gave fr password recovery and your other machine is on the steam. i have about 6 machines all on my steam and have my mate registerd as family so he can play my games when i dont use them on steam
if i want to use them he gets 10 minutes befor he is kicked off my game.

intrade, Apr 14, 9:56am
i use humble bundle and steam sales. i got euro-truck simulator for 7.49 us$ i think it was 75% off or so and humble games i usually just pay minimum to get em all and if its mostly crap just 1 $ if there is a game i like like i got the inner world game for android quite funny with flute-nose and the petrofied asposians . from humble pay what you want sales
ah yea and i only ever buy linux games

schizoid, Apr 14, 10:59am
How do you even figure that? You think the extra plastic that goes into disc and cases is actually worth that much?

The only bonus to having a game on disc is if you have a capped internet plan, something that thankfully is slowly on its way out in this country.

Just look at this and try and tell me they are not a relic of the past.

lostdude, Feb 19, 8:05pm
You forget that popular releases always flood host servers on release day, crippling download speeds. Preloading is all well and dandy but for people stuck in a pickle (like me sadly) this is a luxury I can not enjoy, and all due to the incompetency of Chorus and the monkeys they call technicians. I won't bore you with the details about how this came to be but I am thankful I will be receiving boxed discs with my GTAV pre-order.

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