Anyone got an old hub

bm_987, May 15, 7:57am
Hey, I'm looking for an old network hub, does anyone have one lying around? happy to flick a few dollars or beers your way :) cheers

mojo49, May 15, 8:18am
They are a dime a dozen on TM in Computers - Networking. Try searching for one near you.

jhan, May 15, 9:40am
Don't we all have boxes of that junk?

duncb, May 15, 9:44am
I do. How many ports are you looking for ? I have an old one with I think 32 ports in the shed. Can set up a listing for you

mrfxit, Nov 21, 9:58pm
*cough* 4/8/16 /24 & 48 ports /10/100 + fiber GB connections
10/10 with bnc connectors.

Pretty sure a lot of us still have a few floating around.
Some of us even dare to list them from time to time

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