Apple - "Charging is not supported with."

debtfree, Feb 14, 8:42pm
So you plug in your replacement charger and your device comes up with.

"Charging is not supported with this accessory"
If your not aware of it Apple has changed its "Firmware" again to prevent "Non Genuine" Apple USB charge/Data cords from being used. Seriously! So before you buy - make sure the seller states "This is a Genuine Apple Product" or otherwise its money down the drain. Unfortunately - all sellers that have imported stock are caught with dumping it somewhere?
There is No Fix - you cannot open the plugs and rewire them after IOS6-> .

rz_zone, Feb 14, 10:15pm
Best to buy genuine products/accesories when it comes to apple, unless its a reputable brand like Belkin, etc.

floydbloke, Feb 15, 1:03am
. or steer clear of proprietary brands altogether of course.

remmers, Feb 15, 2:28am
I read that Apple started tightening up power supplies because of a rash of cheap copies that caught fire and damaged property. The Daily Mail headlines were of course Apple computer causes fire! Why would anyone spend the money on Apple and then buy a $2 shop knockoff?

wayne416, Feb 15, 2:39am
Why would you spend all that money on Apple and have to replace the charger in the first place.

cessna3, Feb 15, 3:19am
I had that message come up on the ipad, turns out the Genuine charger was ok, but the usb cable wasn't. Replaced the cable with a cheap $2 shop one and it works fine.

remmers, Feb 15, 4:03am
Physically damaged the power supply, pulled the wires out, stood on the plug?

travis47, Feb 15, 5:43am
I have three, one in the car one at work and one at home. Often I will go through a battery in a day if I am making lots of calls or using Spotify. But all mine are genuine apple products, I agree with other posters here why buy a premium product and then cheap out $10 for a knock off charger. A charger with low quality contacts can damage the charging port on the phone and if you will have no warranty.

footplate1, Feb 15, 5:51am
I find the issue varies. I have genuine Apple leads and, sometimes, I receive the warning message. Sometimes, I don't. I also have non-Apple leads which work. About as much as Apple's stuff.

babydink, Feb 15, 9:52am
thats what you get for buying apple products.

-mung-, Feb 15, 10:50am
I think it's reasonable to have 'propriety" cables, and block knock offs that are potentially reverse engineered cheap crap or otherwise potentially harmful to the product that you support with a warranty, especially those cables are really good (lightning *is* really good, and when you get USB 3.1 you may see why), but it's not reasonable to then charge something like $40 for them.

black-heart, Feb 15, 8:31pm
I think the concept of blocking cheap nasty cable is good, however that does suggest the original cable are not cheap and nasty, and the fact people are looking for replacements, assuming they aren't all caused by being lost, suggests the original cables aren't much good either.

smine, Feb 15, 9:06pm
It is not about that, why buy a premium product and cheap out! I have a premium Android and it charges from anything I plug into it, the camera cable, a $2 cheapie, the kindle cable. It doesn't catch fire and bad contacts don't cause damage. It is Apple boosting their profits and preventing competition, they probably get their cables etc made by the same folk who make the "cheapies". It's why I wouldn't buy Apple - after market products are good and they keep prices honest.

remmers, Feb 15, 10:11pm
Well a lightning to USB cable is $14.95 at Dick Smith, if that is too rich then probably Apple is not the make you should be looking at.

-mung-, Feb 15, 11:16pm
I think people just want several of them to sit in different locations.

I got a few from PBTech, they look apple branded to the casual observer but I'm 99% sure that they aren't. but they work and are $5 each which is all I expect to pay for a cable - even if it does have a chip that does 'stuff' (aside from being blocked) in it.

-mung-, Feb 15, 11:22pm
Don't be so ponsy. It's a cable mostly used for recharging and for that $15 is a rip, no matter where you live, what you drive, what 'lifestyle' you have, what cut jeans you wear and what cocktails you drink.

remmers, Feb 16, 12:36am
What is ponsy, I am assuming not good?

IMO thinking NZ$5 for a lightning cable is reasonable is why we have these problems. At normal margins that has a FOB cost of about US$1.50, difficult to maintain any quality at those margins.

-mung-, Feb 16, 4:46am
Ugh, was a bit quick to post and run without checking my spelling. Poncy (apparently).

I think $15 a quite borderline. You can get microUSB cables for a couple of dollars, and Apple makes these at high volume. I think it's quite fair to want to buy a few (one for work, one for the home computer, one for taking places and then the one that is attached to the charger that the device comes with).

They already sell the phone for a rough average of $1100, the cables are just printing money.

travis47, Feb 16, 6:19am
What other brands do is irrelevant Apple is a premium product and they have a duty to their shareholders to use that brand to make as much profit as possible. And why wouldn't you do that when there is a change that a cheap knock off will damage the product. I choose Apple because I have had three android phones and never really liked any of them and my first Apple was instantly great. Most of the leads will be fine and not damage the product but it is still a choice you make knowing the risks of non-genuine parts in the same way as you would use non-genuine parts on any other product. Anyway, now they have made this change I am sure that the imitators will find ways to fool the software into thinking the lead is genuine anyway.

smine, Feb 16, 7:22am
Surely what other brands do is the only thing that is relevant. This thread is about folk bitching about Apples restrictive and expensive practices. No point in complaining without a valid comparison as to how other companies look after their customers interests rather than as you suggest in Apple's case focusing solely on their shareholders.

travis47, Feb 16, 7:48am
Other companies do not look after their customers interests any more or less than Apple do. It is just that apple are the premium brand and so can leverage it a bit more than others. And if they solve a potential problem by stopping potential cheap knockoffs then all the better. Just because other manufacturers allow the use of third party accessories does not mean that Apple should do, in fact they are in some way renowned for developing their products and not using outside companies.

lostdude, Aug 4, 11:20am
Just use Apple "Certified" peripherals. Cheaper and if they don't work, get your money back:

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