Browser issues with google pages

I seem to have a problem when I try to go to google webpages (eg: gmail)

It takes so long to load, when you type, the letters dont appear for a while. (Then when I go to non google webpages, the same issue happens, although it doesnt happen if I browse non google pages first)

If I use Safari first there is not a issue, but if I try to go back to firefox, then go back to Safari, the same thing happens for a while.

Anyone else having this problem, or can recommended a decent browser, again it seems to be a problem with google related pages.

OH I tried using google chrome, and that is the worst of the lot.

geek_brett21, Aug 7, 6:02 pm

This is happening to me and is what brought me to computing. Only I can't get google at all after downloading windows 10. I'm starting to think conspiracy theories. Microsoft wants me to use Bing but I don't want it.

geek_sue193, Aug 7, 6:10 pm

Hard to say. Clearing your browser's cache fixes some problems.
Ctrl+Shift+Del is how to do it for some browsers - look at the options in that dialogue box).

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 7, 6:41 pm

Is Bing a good browser? I thought it was just a search engine?

geek_brett21, Aug 7, 6:52 pm

Thanks for the info.

geek_brett21, Aug 7, 6:52 pm

Is this an Apple computer?

Safari for Windows hasn't been updated in years and you should not be using it

geek_vtecintegra, Aug 7, 7:06 pm

nope, a pc and the browser with issues is firefox.

geek_brett21, Aug 7, 8:41 pm

geek_king1, Aug 7, 8:48 pm

Thanks for the link!

geek_brett21, Mar 14, 11:26 pm

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