Buying New Domain Names - .nz or

carter441, Mar 18, 6:33am
What is the general feeling about new domain names. Are people buying .nz or ?

-bookzone-, Mar 18, 7:46am
If I was starting out, I'd probably get .nz (easier and shorter)

However, I'm not sure if the general public know about .nz, and may just add .co to your domain because they may think .nz is incorrect?

kieran211, Mar 18, 9:15am
would get both and transition to using .nz as the primary. the public will get used to it over the next 2 ish years I'd say.

richard112, Mar 18, 9:26am
My situation. Have a domain name for business which is pretty universal. Was surprised to have secured it about 6 yrs ago, as .com, .org, .au etc were already gone. Really have no choice but to secure .nz & .kiwi even though I may never use them. Bloody nuisance really. As per bookzone I think will probably lead to confusion short/medium term.

mattnzw, Mar 18, 10:12am
You shouldn't need a .kiwi domain if you are a business as they aren't particularly popular or well known domains, and it has only recently been released. Otherwise you may as well also get all the others such as .biz, .shop etc domains. .nz and though are really needed.

black-heart, Mar 18, 8:17pm
I got a .computer domain for my business. It's an improvement over my longer original domain name.
However I have found when I put my email address in online forms, quite a few don't think its a legitimate address, I wonder if the .nz ones will fair any better.
Generally I tell people multiple domain names are a waste of money.

carter441, Mar 20, 6:48pm
Thanks for your feedback people. I think I will go with .nz and and hopefully eventually just have .nz

cubetwo, Mar 20, 10:38pm
I was a bit weary with all these new domains. Spoke to Freeparking about it. I have been recommended to take up the .nz along with my existing as they are so similar. But all the rest are not needed.
The advise I got from the guy was that the shorter domains are becoming the norm around the world. He believes the will over eventually be fazed out as more people take up the shorter domains.

mattnzw, Mar 22, 1:35am
Whoever told you that domains will be phased out was wrong. They are going to continue to be used, as they are the company/business domain extensions, so there is certainly no plans to phase them out.

tmg, Apr 8, 9:07pm
Well . all holders of NZ hierachy names who currently have unconflicted PRR Status on the linked .nz second level domains attached to old nz names have until 1.00 pm Monday 30th Mar to either reserve the .nz name linked or register your .nz; otherwise it goes into the public pool available for anyone to register .

Could be some good names come up for the grabbing by looks ;-)

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