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lynken37, Jan 13, 11:45pm
My printer has suddenly refused to use the blue ink. It takes an Epson 73N.
I have cleaned the print head according to the instructions (several times), taken the ink cartridge out to see of it was blocked (it did not appear to be) and made sure it had plenty of ink. Still no success. Any other suggestions out there please.

intrade, Jan 13, 11:54pm
i got the same epson who also uses these ink did you try a test page with colour etc?
also print a page website that is fully blue so it must use full capacity on blue to see if it comes back
here yu go

r.g.nixon, Jan 14, 12:39am
Don't take photos of anything blue.

sprinter51, Jan 14, 1:41am
The 73n cartridge is just a tank
it holds the ink in bulk for the printhead
You would have noticed those little black spikes it sits on
Unless the cartridge is empty the the printhead will be the cause
STOP running those cleaning cycles asap, you are just wasting ink
More often ink has dried on the printhead and 80% of the time cleaning cycles wont shift it

lynken37, Jan 14, 2:21am
Thanks, no go, it came out black.

lynken37, Jan 14, 2:22am
And where do I go from here? Do I need to get it serviced?

sprinter51, Jan 14, 3:07am
Let me know the model number of the printer please
TX100, TX110 etc

sprinter51, Jan 14, 4:07am
Watch the first 7mins or so about the"pad" to the right
Letter B on my photo

Clean water with just wee amount of dishwashingliquid will do for this

Letter " A " will be for another step :-)

lynken37, Jan 14, 4:08am
It is a TX300F

sprinter51, Jan 14, 4:10am
The image I have post should look like the inside of yours less all the extra covers etc
And the printhead over to the left

intrade, Jan 14, 7:45pm
i just printed a page on my one prints top as i also once had problems with it printing lines , i use jerryscience printer ink and have no problem he charges like 10$ for all colours. so his colours are fine for this low price you can print something usless often.
Also i now found ink 10 inks for 10$ from another seller because they had them inks while i ordered a sata- to ide adaptor from there, will need to try them out fingers crossed with those ones .

newbie5, Jan 23, 1:52am
Wow Thats good advice

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