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vet378, Aug 22, 7:25pm
I am looking at a start up business (1 man band - consulting/training) can anyone tell what they prefer & why between G Mail business & outlook. I have used outlook a lot and like it but hear G Mail is pretty good too? Any help appreciated.

cammey, Aug 22, 8:47pm
I would suggest Thunderbird.

Its excellent, and has easy to install addon support for a variety of features. Like a great calendar, multiple chat accounts including XMPP, and it has excellent encryption, for those who have commercially sensitive communications with customers or suppliers.

r.g.nixon, Aug 22, 9:03pm
I wouldn't suggest Thunderbird. It is OK as a client, but eM Client is better and being actively developed, unlike Thunderbird.

The OP appears to be asking about webmail, which both gmail & outlook are. These can be used either via the web, or via an email client. I have only used gmail, so can't offer advise on which is better.

cammey, Aug 22, 9:21pm
Thunderbird is still being actively developed.

As to "is it better" than eM Client, that's a green curry yellow curry question - people will have different likes and dislikes.

I confess that I don't like either Gmail OR Outlook.

Don't really trust either company. I'm surprised at the way businesses haven't really hopped onto encryption too. They wouldn't send confidential pricing, design information or secret company minutes on a postcard. But seem happy to email it.

I received a misdirected email from a law firm the other day. Clearly it was to a client, and it outlined some very sensitive stuff.

I contacted the law firm, who just read me the riot act - I wasn't allowed to read it, I had to delete it blah blah.

Would have been vastly more professional just to encrypt it in the first place.

wayne416, Aug 22, 10:05pm
GMX with eM Client all the way. GMX=safe, secure and 101% reliable

r.g.nixon, Aug 22, 10:12pm
I'm a bit suspicious of your mathematical prowess, wayne!
Yes, is good from what I've heard. I have reserved my preferred email address there.

Someone might like to find a 'comparison' page. Should list maximum free storage, maximum individual email size, and various other features.

r.g.nixon, Aug 22, 10:15pm

r.g.nixon, Aug 22, 10:21pm

-bookzone-, Aug 22, 10:23pm
Check out

Although not free, prices start at $10US per year, it's an excellent email provider. I've been with them for about 11 years.

wayne416, Aug 22, 10:26pm
GMX= mail size up to 50mbs, unlimited mail storage, 2GB other storage, ability to send up to 2GB to someone by sending a link, free, very secure, they have promised NO ads while your in reading your mail online, good app for phone, everything syncs well. Sorry about math i meant 110% reliable.

wayne416, Aug 22, 10:49pm
My backup account, never use it is here, they are a huge mail provider, owners of GMX but American and as GMX is based in Germany dont have the same security levels but must work under American law as Gmail, Outlook etc have to. Very good free service. You can pick your address from a list also. Much the same features as GMX

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 22, 9:13pm
I think the OP is looking for a mail hosting option, not a client as such. I personally am a fan of Office 365 Exchange Online, it works perfectly with Outlook (The mail client) as well as activesync on phones, and the web interface is pretty good too. $4.90 per month per emaila ddress, plus whatever your domain cost.

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