HP Probook 4730s battery life.

daryl14, Mar 5, 9:37pm
For a while a few months ago (probably over 12 months ago) there were warnings popping up that the battery was in its last stages of life. But it has just kept on going.

This week the laptop lost all power and would not charge so after suspecting the charger I tested it with multi-meter and it's good. So I unclipped the battery in preparation to march off to PB Tech for a new one. But in a moment of madness I have reinstalled the battery and it is charging up fine.

Just have to see what happens from here I guess? Curiouser and curiouser. What is expected HP battery life?

_drdee_, Mar 6, 12:38am
Expected batter life for a LiPo is anywhere from 6-months to 6-years. Too many factors involved.

black-heart, Mar 6, 12:49am
Good luck, bad batteries can ruin the charging circuit of the laptop, making your penny pinching an expensive mistake. Just get one off trademe they are pretty reasonable.

daryl14, Mar 6, 2:05am
I was all set to go and buy a new one from pb tech. But then it just started working again. There has been nothing to say it is breaking down in any way for many months. Is it possible the pop up messages were just spam?

_drdee_, Mar 6, 2:55am
Don't HP have a built in battery diagnostic tool?

daryl14, Jun 14, 10:09am
Hey cool thanks for that. I did a battery test and it says the batt is ok.

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