Music quality, iPod v.

kaiser2, Mar 5, 9:39am
I have some of the same music downloaded onto my iPod, and an older Sony mp4 player. Recently when I listened to something on my Sony mp4 I felt the music seemed richer - to have a better tone - than that which I am used to hearing on my iPod. Was I imagining things?

suicidemonkey, Mar 5, 10:01am
Probably just the EQ setting

lostdude, Mar 5, 10:04am
To truly tell the difference, create a library in itunes on your computer to store the tracks from your mp4, upload the tracks in question from both your ipod and Sony mp4, then listen to both tracks on the same pair of headphones from within itunes.

oclaf, Jun 15, 10:24pm
Not impossible, Though I tend to agree with suicidemonkey. Presumably you are using the same headphones/ speakers.

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