How do i save videos on samsung tab 3 ?

we have shot many videos on the tab 3 Samsung but now wish to back them up on a USB flash drive . The charger is AC , if I buy a usb charger can this also transfer files to my desktop PC ? I also have a mini SD for the tab 3 but cannot figure out how to "send " the file to it .

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 7:55 am

you could setup a dropbox account and have it sync to a PC - free for 2gb plus, depends how many videos you have.

geek_king1, Jun 28, 8:06 am

yes I have this already . so after moving them there . what then?

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 8:20 am

I think the frustration for me is not being able to use the tab 3 as a desktop . there is no right click and "send to"

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 8:25 am

set it up on a PC using the same username/password and it will automatically download them to the computer.
it can take a bit of time to sync though. double click the db icon will open the dropbox folder

geek_king1, Jun 28, 8:27 am

on the tab just open the dropbox app and you should see them syncing

geek_king1, Jun 28, 8:28 am

this isn't happening , 2 gb not enough . Can I just get a cable from tab to pc ?

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 8:45 am

Use cable that came with phone.

geek_wayne416, Jun 28, 8:49 am

or how do I send a video file to the SD card?

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 8:50 am

Best download ES file explorer and you can copy/paste exactly like windows from phone to ex card.

geek_wayne416, Jun 28, 8:54 am

ok thanks guys , think I will leave the videos to my digital cam

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 9:18 am

geek_rz_zone, Jun 28, 9:49 am

You've given up already? Nooooooo!

The cable that you use to charge the Tab - it should have a small connecter - the one you plug into the Tab, and another one that's bigger that you can plug into a computer. If you do that, the computer will detect it just like a flash drive, and you can use the computer (with a mouse, left/right click etc) to find where the videos are stored on the Tab, and drag and drop them to the computer.

See how you get on with that. It's the easiest way, especially if you you need a proper keyboard and mouse.

geek_mikep, Jun 28, 10:22 am

ahh well that's all I really needed to know. we only have AC . so I will buy a USB- mini USB

geek_bergkamp, Jun 28, 10:29 am

after getting one of these cables this is working a treat , 1026 files !

geek_bergkamp, Jul 13, 2:57 pm