Changing modem password

can anyone give me the digits you need to put into the address bar to change modem password?

geek_suzie76, Jun 19, 8:52 am


geek_acura, Jun 19, 8:56 am

Then if not changed
Username admin
Password admin

geek_ntalke, Jun 19, 9:01 am

thx. in modem but now but can't find the damn password part to change it

geek_suzie76, Jun 19, 9:03 am

So I guess you want to change your WiFi password?

You won't find it unless you have backed it up somewhere

geek_ntalke, Jun 19, 7:23 pm

Lots store it in plain text (sadly) so you might be lucky.

geek_nick91111, Jun 19, 10:29 pm

wireless - configure/edit

geek_rz_zone, Jun 19, 10:31 pm

There's often a button on the back of the modem to do a factory reset. paper clip recess. You'll be able to change it but you'll also need to know your ISP's settings.

geek_fishb8, Aug 6, 10:11 am