HELP PLEASE! Windows 10

I've got a new Toshiba Satelite laptop it was running 8 and I tried to update to 10. It all seemed to go fine until I sign in and then I either have no curser at all or I have it but it's frozen!
I can't do anything except tab through a few things.
Husbands computer is Vaio and updating his has just left him with a flashing screen. Why the hell did we decide to do both at the same time? Grrrrr!
Keeping my fingers crossed that someone can help ??

geek_dollmakernz, Aug 10, 5:38 pm

Plug in an external mouse, until you can sort your touchpad driver.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 10, 5:40 pm

I havent got an external mouse!

geek_dollmakernz, Aug 10, 5:42 pm

get one - your dead in the water without it

geek_king1, Aug 10, 5:52 pm

Try just pushing the F5 key. if that doesn't work try the function key (which I think is the fn key) and then press F5.

geek_i_am_jules, Aug 10, 6:00 pm

Not sure what you can do about the Sony now? Sony have recommended not to upgrade any Vaio systems at all until compatibility is sorted.

geek_cube_guy, Aug 10, 7:05 pm

No cursor when trying to sign in. been there, done that! Try tapping the "enter" key on your keyboard.

geek_veejay13, Aug 10, 7:12 pm

It lets me sign in and enter but the next screen just freezes the curser, and function f5 makes no difference!
Both of our sons have Vaio too, one changed seamlessly and the other lost his sound but found a fix.
It's so frustrating

geek_dollmakernz, Aug 10, 7:52 pm

Thanks for the info, looks like he'll have to ring them *sigh*

geek_dollmakernz, Aug 10, 7:57 pm

I would take the systems to a tech shop to reinstall 8.1 - have them pull all updates that try and force 10.

Have the shop use MS make media to make you a hard copy of 8.1

I would stay away from 10 for a few months until the bugs are ironed out and there's a number of tech savy people floating the webs with answers.

geek_harrymay, Aug 11, 6:21 am

Oh well, it's been a long afternoon! Spent all afternoon at Noel Leeming in Invercargill getting them both sorted.
They've both been restored back to their original Windows 7 and and 8, and we'll wait a few months until the kinks have been ironed out of 10!

geek_dollmakernz, Feb 28, 5:03 pm

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