Asus Transformer Pad - keyboard not responding

fbndecor, Feb 21, 11:49pm

We are having issues with the keyboard on our tablet. It was working intermittantly for a couple of days, now won't work at all. It still charges the tablet, so obviously the connection is fine. I took it in to the technician, she got it going by doing some updates she reckoned, but it lasted all of 8 hours before going caput again. We have had it less than 6 months so it is still under guarantee, but is there anything I could try at home before taking it back in to the shop? I won't be in town til next week.

lostdude, Feb 22, 2:53am
Electirical contact cleaner and a can of compressed air or compressor with moisture trap.

fbndecor, Jul 14, 11:11am
Thanks for your reply, however, I don't have any of these things on hand, so I guess I will just have to take it back into the store next week

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