LED lights 90v DC

trade4us2, Mar 15, 4:03am
Does anyone know where I can get ES LED bulbs that run on 90v DC?
I have some that run on 100v DC. I don't know how they run but they do!

andrew1954, Mar 15, 4:11am
You can run LEDs at any DC voltage with the addition of a suitable series resistor

trade4us2, Mar 15, 4:22am
The bulbs say 100v to 250v. They do not say AC or DC.
The wiring cannot be changed to add resistors.

macman26, Mar 15, 7:02am
Is there a symbol by the voltage like this ~ ? It may run on 90V DC. Have you tried one?. What do you have that has 90vdc?

trade4us2, Mar 15, 7:07am
I have about 560 volts DC and have 6 bulbs in series.

No there is no symbol.
Yes the bulb works on 100 volts DC but not less.

rojill, Mar 15, 7:40am

macman26, Mar 15, 9:59am
Probably not a good idea running this way as every light would have to be identical or you get volt drop issues.
Now that said. Can you not just run 2 strings of 3 or 4 and parallel the 2 up. That would give about 140-190v per lamp providing current draw is identical for each lamp. Where are you getting the high volt dc from?

trade4us2, Mar 15, 10:26am
Power supply

Can't do any rewiring. Need to be able to put 110v incandescents in sometimes.

sprinter51, Mar 15, 10:35am
How have worked out the supply voltage is 90v DC?

trade4us2, Mar 15, 11:02am
I have about 560 volts DC and have 6 bulbs in series.
Obviously I don't want the bulbs to go out with slight fluctuations in voltage.

sprinter51, Mar 15, 11:23am
I can see the problem :-)
I don't see an easy way out for this
The chances of get 90v Leds are remote to say the least

sprinter51, Mar 15, 11:26am
A place you may wish to call Monday is

bitsy_boffin, Mar 15, 12:07pm
Probably have to make your own, I'd get some filament led style ES bulbs, they usually just have a capacitive dropper in and there are quite a number of LED die in series, modify the circuit appropriately for 90vDC by using a suitable series resistor instead of the series capacitor.

bigclivedotcom has a number of teardowns and diy filament bulb stuff

bitsy_boffin, Mar 15, 12:13pm
PS: Nice rectifier(s), where'd you find those!

trade4us2, May 17, 9:09pm
I know where there are some going cheap! But no contractor will agree to move them.

Yes, I will think about making suitable LED lamps. Why didn't I think of that?

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