Tech savvy Mac person - Please help me?!

black_bunker, Mar 26, 12:10am
AGES ago, I tried to get Netflix on my Macbook, and in order to do so, I had to follow the guide to change my IP address, which I recall involved changing numbers on my DNS tab. I did all that, and all was fine, but I dont use it and now I cant watch anything on the TVNZ or TV3 on demand as it says Im not in NZ, but I have no clue in how to change it back to normal, and Sir Google hasnt been to helpful either - can anyone here tell me how to do it please?

lythande1, Mar 26, 1:47am
Could have tried google:

black_bunker, Mar 26, 2:45am
Thanks, but I still dont know what Im meant to type into the DNS tab? Or am I supposed to put in the numbers that show up on that page?

suicidemonkey, Mar 26, 2:54am
The above article has step by step instructions with pictures. I doubt anyone here could explain it any better.

brycer, Mar 26, 2:57am
It always suggests you write down or screendump the original settings so you can put it back. Just find that and put it back how it was. not rocket science.

nigel4, Mar 26, 9:28am
You should delete (using the "-" button) the DNS settings that you're using so that your Mac appears in the US (ie not NZ).

Once you've deleted the DNS entries, it will probably default to something like or or - ie it will default to your router/modem address and then just use your normal DNS. You should then be able to watch NZ sites as normal.

-mung-, Apr 18, 4:12pm
Yes just clear them and don't put anything else in (or use Google's which is detailed in that page).

But I suspect it's not your DNS tab that you need to change.
Go to the proxies tab and uncheck everything there.

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