I went onto this site on my mobile and avast warned me it was reported as malicious site. Before I could do anything a window popped up saying

Your Samsung Galaxy Y is badly infected with viruses!
(4)SYSTEM FAILURES detected on your Android.
Continue with instructions to fix phone. Do not close window.
**Exit at your own risk** "

I am not sure if I am infected or if this is the watchseriesonline site trying to trick me into following their instructions so I WILL GET INFECTED!
What should I do , I dont know whether to exit out ( I cant tell what site I am on ) or to follow instructions which I cant even see yet until I click on OK.

geek_dodie100, Jul 30, 7:05 pm

This one

just close the tab, or all of them individually if unsure.

I'm seeing these a lot more - basically a webpage with a popup when you try to exit, that stops you from exiting. I have read that they are 'looped' so you get the popup 150 times

geek_king1, Jul 30, 7:24 pm

geek_gyrogearloose, Jul 30, 7:25 pm

Download, install Bitdefender free app and do a scan, you will need to have a tiny bit of data or be hooked into WiFi as it passes results to cloud to check when finished scanning. You should be OK as android is very secure in its self.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 7:30 pm

I already have Avast Mobile Security (free version)

geek_dodie100, Jul 30, 7:34 pm

If your happy thats good but a second opinion is always good, im not an avast fan. You dont have to uninstall Avast, just install Bitedefender, do a scan then uninstall it.

geek_wayne416, Jul 30, 7:47 pm

Installed Bitedefender Antivirus free but it only scans up to 9% then closes.

geek_dodie100, Jul 30, 9:23 pm

If you still got it installed before scanning go to settings, apps, running and open any Avast listings and force stop them then try again. I doubt Avast is causing it to stop the scan. Another good one to try is Dr Web lite and its free, just install, let update, go into its settings and make sure its set to scan everything and run scan, see if it picks up anything then uninstall. Antivirus isn't really needed on android, more a peace of mind thing. If your going to run one as i do its got to be lite on resources and i have found Avast is not. Bitdefender is my choice as it doesn't use many and not using data downloading updates all the time.

geek_wayne416, Apr 19, 3:52 am

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