Creating an ISO of a Mac

ringgirl, Apr 15, 6:06am
Hey everyone. So I used a Mac for a long period of time, but it began to die on me. Because I want to keep all the data on it, I'm planning to put it on an external hard drive and virtualise it using Hyper-V. However I've come across two problems:
Firstly, I don't know a format usable by Mac and Windows that allows for files bigger than 4gigs.
Secondly, I'm not sure what program to use to create the ISO in the first place. The guy at the my local Apple store recommended "SuperDuper", but I'm wondering if anyone has any better ideas.

(Posted by Ringgirl's son with her permission)

nzdoug, Apr 15, 6:49am
Whats an ISO?

suicidemonkey, Feb 17, 2:25am
1: ExFat is the best format to use. Works between Mac/Window and is capable of file sizes so big that it may as well be infinite.

2: Carbon Copy Cloner is the best disk imager for Mac.

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