Help please

tayla41, Apr 26, 11:28pm
I had a virus and took the laptop back to factory settings. All is good except for my wi fi. It wont connect. I have gone thru to change adapter setting and right click on Enable but when i do that nothing happens. Can anyone tell we what to do please.

wayne416, Apr 26, 11:35pm
Is WIFI turned on,ie a physical button.

tayla41, Apr 26, 11:40pm
yes it is and i have the cord now plunged into this so i can go onto the internet

chito, Apr 26, 11:45pm
Have you signed in with you password?
Sometimes you have to reboot the router.

tayla41, Apr 26, 11:46pm
ummm not sure how to do that. Im old lol

tayla41, Apr 26, 11:49pm
i wil Google that and see what to do. thanks

cookee_nz, Apr 27, 1:43am
Are you actually seeing your router (and maybe other nearby ones) in the list of available Wifi Networks?

rz_zone, Apr 27, 1:45am
Do all the updates, should fix it.

tayla41, Apr 27, 4:51am
no im not. if i use the plug i can go on the internet but not wifi at all and cant see mine any any others show up

tayla41, Apr 27, 4:53am
i have done all updates. I rang my provider and they said it is my lap top with the problem

klaus111, Apr 27, 4:58am
Just maybe, unplug, remove battery, hold down power button 30 seconds, refit battery and try. Worth a shot.

tayla41, Apr 27, 5:00am
Ok i will. Thanks. Will try anything now :)

wayne416, Apr 27, 5:05am
It works for a lot of problems.

tayla41, Apr 27, 5:10am
No didn't work but thanks

tayla41, Apr 27, 5:15am
With out being plugged in to the internet it says no connections are available yet i click on it to try and sort it out and nothing works.

cookee_nz, Apr 27, 5:15am
What is the model of laptop and what version of WIndows?

tayla41, Apr 27, 5:16am
Its an HP and windows 8

cookee_nz, Apr 27, 5:36am
My first suspicion would be that it has not reinstalled the drivers for the Wifi. Go to control panel and then system, device manager (sorry, don't have a W8 PC with me for the exact steps but if you search windows for 'device manager' you should find it). Check under Network Adapters and see if the Wifi adapter is listed with an exception (yellow or red mark). If it is there but with an error, right-click on it and do a driver update. Alternatively, check for updates via the HP Support Assistant which should have reinstalled when you recovered - this will be virtually automatic and will check for missing drivers and other updates and patches.

cookee_nz, Apr 27, 5:40am
Or, possibly even easier, use the HP support website to do it for you. It should detect your model automatically but may be easier for you to get this info first. You probably have an HP Pavilion but will need the exact model. You can get this from the serial number label underneath, or may be in the battery compartment. Use this link and there is a guide about how to find your model. - good luck

tayla41, Jan 10, 8:24pm
Thank you i will try this :)

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