Sorry another question ?

ahck, May 30, 7:33am
brought new computer hp and for some reason whenever I watch any utube or video the screen goes a green colour ? I can here the utube clip and can pause ffw etc but can`t see video as screen is green ? any ideas ?

r.g.nixon, May 30, 7:46am
Try a different web browser.

skin1235, May 30, 7:49am
and open device manager and check the drivers for the vid card have been installed

new computer?, new screen too?, new cables?, green is often the indication that the vid cable is not operating properly, could be a loose plug or an internal wire broken

ahck, May 30, 7:58am
was working okay this arvo then kids printed some pictures off , now vids green ? the computer is hp touchscreen and has no cables all in one ?

skin1235, May 30, 8:03am
"then the kids" lol

system restore, and if it works then create logins for the kids, and lock the admin state down

ahck, Oct 3, 2:03pm
yep great advice turned it all off then on all good now ! thanks very much , until next time I stuff up thanks

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