PC only starts in Safe Mode

papamower, Apr 6, 8:46am
Hi, family PC stopped working, had a bit of time to look at it today. It starts in safe mode but for normal start just a black screen after the Microsoft corporation screen (Windows Vista). I googled "starts in safe mode but not normal" and a Microsoft page said about Norton's causing a problem. Norton Safety Minder is on here so uninstalled and on restart PC loaded correctly. Now I had internet access I went to update our Avast to do a scan - it loaded a new version and required a restart and normal boot up had failed ever since, back to only safe mode starts. Have tried system restore to a point a few months ago where PC was working fine, restore completed successfully in safe mode but has not solved the issue. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help :-)

king1, Apr 6, 9:41am
start by uninstalling all the security software, antispyware, toolbars etc that you can in safe mode.
Once enough has been uninstalled to access normal mode then do the same again in normal startup.

Then i would download hdsentinel and have a look at the Hard disk status.
http://www.hdsentinel.com/download.php Assuming that is ok then i would run adwcleaner through it to clean up junk https://toolslib.net/downloads/viewdownload/1-adwcleaner/

and do a disk check at the command prompt
chkdsk c: /f

papamower, Apr 6, 9:55am
oops forgot to say it ran chkdsk at some point in the above and seemed to run ok, no problems, will try uninstalling as much as I can, thanks for the advice

r.g.nixon, Apr 6, 10:28am
XP has a boot option wherein it creates a log file. I presume Vista does too. This file can be read with NotePad and will show where the error is occurring.

chnman, Apr 7, 12:38am

I'm just providing above link to show you an image - the 2nd one, where you see the box called "Safe Boot". Make sure it is NOT ticked. If it is, untick, then 'Apply' and 'OK'. Then restart computer.

gettinggrey, Apr 7, 7:01am
chnman, I just did this a while ago for a chap who had the same problem.
He had been called by the Indian "Microsoft" guys, and he allowed them access to his computer.
After a couple of minutes and them talking $$ and credit cards he finally wised up and pulled the plug on them.
That's when the 'Safe Mode' start nonsense kicked in.
The little buggers (the Indians) had changed that setting in order to show him that his Windows was 'really' badly infected!
"Your computer is damaged, see, it only starts in Safe Mode now".
Took a couple of minutes to hear his story of woe, few seconds to change the setting, and 1 happy customer.
Did run all the usual malware and virus checks and all good.
Just a dodgy setting by a naughty Indian.

papamower, Mar 10, 4:21am
Thanks, uninstalled a heap of stuff that is unused or we can put on again but still the same so will try the above safe boot unchecked thing tonight. Will report back later. Thanks again.

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