How to use cheaper ink in HP ink jet 7612

moore79, Mar 22, 4:23am
I have bought alternative (cheaper brand) ink off trademe, but it seems that my new HP Inkjet 7612 won't work without using HP inks. As I am printing out photographs I use a lot of ink so prefer to use other brands as he HP ink cartridges are so small and expensive that I only get to print a few copies before they run out.
I think they have computer chips in the ink cartridges now so that the machine can detect them and not work if you use anything but their ones.
Does anyone know how to overrun this?
I am not worried about warranty's as the machines are so cheap it doesn't matter about replacing if need be.
My last computer lasted ages using alternative ink cartridges.

wayne416, Mar 22, 4:33am
Best solution is go to Aliexpress and see if they have refillables for your model with auto reset chips, buy some ink here and your good to go. A set will cost about at a guess $25 post free and the ink here about $30 for 4x100ml bottles. That's a lot of photo printing.

moore79, Mar 22, 4:53am
Thanks Wayne. I will have a look.

Do you know if there is anyway of making the printer accept the ink cartridges I already have?

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 5:02am
The other option is buy a decent printer that takes high capacity cartridges. The cheaper printers use very low capacity cartridges.

you only need to spend $150 or so on a printer that takes 2000+ page inks, as opposed to the crappy 150 page inks that the cheaper printers use.

wayne416, Mar 22, 5:38am

rojill, Mar 22, 9:52am
Try fitting and removing and then refitting the refilled HP cartridges three times. Some 10 or so years ago I used to refill HP cartridges and occasionally would have problems printing. The action above seemed to work then but not sure if HP have made it even more difficult since.

lythande1, Mar 22, 6:31pm
I gave up on HP. The cartridges would all run out at once, regardless of colour use. I found in the US there was a class action against HP for this dodgy behaviour with their printers.

Got a refund from them on my printer and have used Epson ever since.
Their cartridges run out at different times, like it should be.

moore79, Mar 22, 9:57pm
Thanks for all of your comments.
Tried inserting 3 times. just keeps saying there is a fault. But as soon as I put in a Hp cartridge all is ok.

cleggyboy, Mar 22, 10:13pm
I have a near new HP printer that I have discarded. After the partly fill cartridges ran out I put in brand new genuine HP cartridges and it would not work, I had an argument with HP and got nowhere, so I vowed never to buy another HP printer. They are a company most difficult to deal with.

sqidlie, Mar 23, 2:39am
1 - The chips on the replacement carts are faulty , swap them over with the old ones
2 - Dont buy those cheap refillable dampers / carts
3 - learn how to turn your original carts into refillable ones, yes it can be done

moore79, Mar 25, 12:34am
Seems to be a lot of talk on the internet about the legality of HP making that you can't use anything but their products without them stating it on the box.

I wouldn't of bought one had I known.

wayne416, Mar 25, 1:08am
I have an Epson and gives the option when you use different ink, do you want to use these inks or something like that, Bought some refillables from China with auto reset chips and we are good to go. To fill them, and you get a lot more ink in them over the Epsons 500 page xl carts cost about $1-2 each. Epson can be difficult in that when you first install new printer DO NOT update it as apparently as soon as after market cartridges come out Epson updates their firmware which stops after market chips working so the after market makers have to update their chips. Cat and mouse game. Epson do however have a setting to turn off auto updates.

sqidlie, Mar 25, 2:19am
Let clear up one major point right now :-)
There is nothing wrong with HP printers, they are solid and reliable. Sometimes the paper feed from the tray can be an issue, but if you fan / break the paper more often than not there is no problem
NOW, the ink, as wayne416 has stated he is having good results with a damper system on his Epson, that is normal, as Epson have a completely different print head technology, HP whilst they have a similar ink feed system the print head is miles different. The best cartridges to refill are the originals that HP had supplied. A small modification and chip change is all that??

moore79, Apr 21, 5:27pm
Thanks for this info.

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