Wifi keeps!

steveonemo, Feb 22, 4:19am
going back to manual connect when ever I turn computer off! each time turn back on, go to net work shareing and all wifi connections have reset to manual from automatic connection? seem like its defaulting to manual?

steveonemo, Mar 2, 2:30am
was this a dumb question? or does no one know da answer,still doing it!

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 2:41am

spyware, Mar 2, 3:05am
A lazy ass question given google could provide the answer in seconds.

steveonemo, Mar 2, 7:14am
ha you get one in every topic on here

sykotik_ninja, Mar 2, 7:21am
I usually Duck2Go for an answer but sometimes the info provided is way over my head. That's when I hit-up the good folk in TM.

king1, Mar 2, 7:42am

babcorp, Mar 2, 9:33am
I thought it was more like a badly constructed sentence with a couple of question marks thrown in.

cookee_nz, Mar 2, 9:02pm
da answer in da cloud, seek you will find. FYI, this is not an official trademe helpdesk, the participants freely offer their time and experience to assist others. Your question is poorly worded and does not help you get a response. "Wifi keeps" - keeps what? We're assuming it "keeps. dropping off"? - but that's just an educated guess. Glad we could help

steveonemo, Mar 4, 8:04am
derrrr keeps going back to manual connect as stated! sorry couldnt up load a picture 4 you to make it easier, nows these two on here lol

cookee_nz, Mar 5, 1:49am
Sheesh I just hate bad spelling. It's 'duh', or if you are old enough to understand The Simpsons, Homer's 'doh' would pass (in a pinch). "derrrr" is just plain feral!

steveonemo, Jun 16, 2:59pm
sheesh I just hate bad spelling its cookie just in case you not old enough to understand sesame street lol

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