Not getting pictures of funny emails

stoats, May 26, 7:11am
When I recieve emails from a friend that have pictures inserted I only get the text message it has only started to happen, would anyone please have any ideas as to what the problem might be

doggybear, May 26, 2:17pm
Go to your email options under security should be a button to tick to show images :)

stoats, May 26, 7:41pm
Thanks very much doggybear

stoats, May 27, 6:42am
MY friend says it is his computer that is at fault as he has others telling him the same problem does anyone have any ideas how he might be able to fix it failing that he will have to take it a professional to fix he said each time he does that it costs him $100 or more his computer is a windows 8 laptop

black-heart, May 27, 9:01am
LOL who would pay $100 just so they can send crappy email jokes that have been doing the rounds for years !

stoats, Oct 10, 10:08pm
your right however older people do some funny things

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