My documents folder

newbie5, Feb 19, 12:24am
using vista business.
When I try to save a doc or look for something in my documents the folder wont open in the start menu or if I do get it open there is nothing in there.
there used to be heaps of things in there but now it is empty and I cant add things
What has happened

olack, Feb 19, 12:33am
Are you using Windows 8.1? oh vista. be patient. Windows is probably doiing something "clever". to teach you patience lol. thank you leader

olack, Feb 19, 12:35am
use RegSeeker free
use Driver Booster 2.1 free
oh yeah

king1, Feb 19, 12:51am
crap advice - are you trying to break it more.

king1, Feb 19, 12:57am
i'd start by checking the hard disk status.

you could also try looking in the folder path - see if the docs show up there
My Computer -> c: -> users -> (user profile name) -> documents

velenski, Feb 19, 1:22am
? bad advice ,dont touch that rubbish

newbie5, Feb 19, 2:12am
I wont be using those thanks
King there is nothing wrong with the hard drive The folder has just became empty and now I cant access it or save docs to my documents because it doesnt exist even though it it still on the start menu

wayne416, Feb 19, 2:17am
System restore back to just before it happened. Do you or anyone else fiddle with the computer? saw it once with the picture folder, someone had fiddled with it.

newbie5, Feb 19, 3:09am
no nobody fiddles with the computer
I tried system restore but that doesnt work

wayne416, Feb 19, 3:30am
Go c-drive, then tick show hidden items under view, then user, then your user name, then documents. If everything is there right click documents and add a shortcut to start.

king1, Feb 19, 4:14am
Are they here?

king1, Feb 19, 4:30am
and it may be prudent to run some data recovery software over it eg

newbie5, Feb 19, 8:08pm
As I have said if I click on my documents or documents as it can be called the folder does not open as the clicks do nothing and if i somehow do happen to open it there is nothing in there.

king1, Feb 19, 8:31pm
If you follow what myself and wayne416 have both suggested it takes you to the actual data location in the file system. You are simply clicking on shortcut links that can become corrupted.

newbie5, Feb 19, 8:36pm
I go to c then view and all it says is different size icons.
I cant find anywhere that says hidden files'
If I go to users the only docs I can find in documents are about 3 but there should be hundreds.

king1, Feb 19, 8:36pm
We are trying to ascertain whether the data actually exists in the correct location in the file system.
Knowing this determines the next course of action, either hdd diagnostics and data recovery, or repairing the corrupt document links

king1, Feb 19, 8:39pm
Well either you have deleted a bunch or the HDD / file system is having a meltdown.

Back in post #7 you suggested the HDD is fine.
How did you determine that?

wayne416, Feb 19, 9:18pm

king1, Feb 19, 9:34pm
i suppose another possibility is a malware that has hidden the files but it doesn't really explain the three visible documents, and more than likely you would have known about (and hopefully mentioned before now) any virus activity.

this is a fix for that

newbie5, Feb 20, 1:10am
easy the only problem i have is as mentioned my documents folder is gone. everything else is fine and I also know if my hdd is playing up as i do know a bit about computers.

king1, Feb 20, 1:42am
Then you would know that one of the signs of a failing hard disk is files/folders magically disappearing.

You would also know that the only definitive way to verify the state of a HDD is by interrogating the smart attributes of the drive using diagnostic software.

Unless you want to provide the information, there is not much more I can do for you.

lostdude, Jul 24, 3:14pm
chkdsk c: /r


sfc /scannow

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