Laptop not able to connect to internet

omaria, May 13, 12:08am
Yet my PC in the room next to it is connecting fine.
My laptop tells me to check the settings but the whole page remains blank.
Can someone tell me what has caused this or even more important how I can fix this>? It was perfectly ok yesterday. Thanks in advance :)

spyware, May 13, 1:24am
Not with the lack of information. A blank web page doesn't necessarily imply that there is no connectivity to internet.

Observe some fundamental settings, i.e., was it assigned an IP address by the DHCP server in the routing device?

Can you ping the router? , can you ping a DNS server on the Internet.

r.g.nixon, May 13, 1:36am
Have you bumped the wifi button which turns the signal off?

omaria, May 13, 1:45am
I am so dumb I dont even know where to find the wifi button :( nor know how to ping the router :( SORRY!

omaria, Nov 28, 8:52am
Yeah. Not as dumb as I thought, I turned off the little white box by my computer and re plugged it and that seems to have solved the issue :) Thank you all a bunch :)

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