Coke split on Macbook Pro - help!

My daughters MacBook Pro laptop only 7months old - has had an accident. A glass of coke fell onto the machine and 'flooded' the machine. Didn't realise this had happened till several hours later - tried drying it out. Got it to turn on (took for ever) the once, but never gone again. Have tried the wee tricks of holding the startup down for 15 or 30seconds. Tried several keys at once to reboot - still nothing. Is there any point getting this machine looked at or will it cost too much for someone to remove the back of it? On day 3 now, charger appears to work - but no machine or sound going.

geek_naturalbubba, Jun 6, 2:56 pm

Water and electronics don't mix, worse will be the acids and extra additives in coke wont play nicely at all. Water would have been better.

Sadly I'd say its poked and time for contents insurance to kick in

geek_jon9, Jun 6, 2:59 pm

Ok - so will insurance cover this?

geek_naturalbubba, Jun 6, 3:00 pm

usually insurance will cover this but a repairer has to say whether repairable or not before insurance will pay

geek_kat120, Jun 6, 3:15 pm

You can only ask. Two rules around laptops;
Rule 1. No drinks or food around laptop
Rule 2. No drinks or food around laptop
An expensive lesson.

geek_namtak, Jun 6, 3:17 pm

It is now an insurance claim.

geek_lythande1, Jun 6, 3:48 pm

I lost my MacBook Pro to a cup of coffee last year and it was replaced under insurance. We are with Tower, they took all the details over the phone and emailed me a courier ticket to send it to them for assessment. They called after three days and I had a replacement within a week of sending it to them.

geek_nadznz, Jun 6, 6:38 pm

Yes, you will need it assessed for confirmation of liquid damage from an authorised service provider, and a quote provided for repair or confirmation that it's uneconomic to repair and therefore should be replaced. Call your insurance company and get a claim number. They may also instruct you where you need to take it as some insurance companies have preferred service agents.
Be aware that the assessment will have a cost associated with it but as the insurance company requires this, they will either pay or deduct it from your excess if you pay upfront.

geek_zaowl, Jun 7, 8:19 pm

How does a MacBook Pro have an accident involving any kind of liquid ?

geek_crtnz, Jun 9, 11:55 pm

If it was clean water, you might have had a chance. But a glass of coke, after several hours. I'm surprised it started even once.

geek_oclaf, Sep 2, 11:03 am

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