I've messed up.

devine-spark, Apr 25, 10:59am
I was worried about not being able to get into my gmail accounts (3) when I am in the USA. I followed the two step number verification process but now have locked myself out of my mac mail account where they all come in to. I am tired, have a virus, am stressed and trying to get ready to go. and it is not a good look. I know that some of you guys will say I am just silly or just follow some website instructions. but I am new to this sort of thing and my brain is in freeze. I am worried I will not be able to get it sorted before I go.

r.g.nixon, Apr 25, 11:27am
If you don;t get it sorted, get an account at gmx.com, and advise your nearest and dearest.

cookee_nz, Apr 25, 11:43am
sleep on it and recheck the steps tomorrow if time allows. A fresh look can do wonders. As a precaution, possibly leave all your account details with a very trusted person before you go just in case further steps need doing from your home country?

devine-spark, Apr 26, 1:03am
Thanks cookee_nz and r.g.nixon. I have managed to undo the 2 step verification irritation and gone back to my password. Annoyed the hell out of me and I had to just put it away last night. Upsetting when I cannot quite work out how to go about things. I have so much work to do on my computer when I go away that having gmail issues is the last thing I need. Last time I was in Ireland and I was locked out of my account because of a 'suspicious' log in. which was just me in another country.

piperguy, Jan 11, 3:10am
You were on the right track - except to use the mail app on your computer when 2 factor auth is enabled you just need to generate an Application Specific Password - in the security settings on your google account you can generate passwords for apps like Mail that can't cope with the 2 factor authentication.

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