Preinstalled app removal from android.

Sick of all the stuff that Samsung and Google feel I must have on my phone.

Anyone successfully and removed any of that crap ?

geek_tintop, Aug 7, 9:57 pm

you need to root the phone to remove system apps

geek_king1, Aug 7, 9:59 pm

There's always Cyanogenmod if you feel like a fully new os.

geek_ross1970, Aug 7, 10:11 pm

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini - not listed, but I get the idea.

I have a Pocket Neo to practice on :)


geek_tintop, Aug 7, 10:19 pm

Not Google, Samsung.

Stock apps on a stock Android device are very few aside from the core Google apps (Play, Music, Photos, Maps, Gmail, etc).

It's Samsung that loads their phones with bloatware.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 7, 10:26 pm

Just disable what you don't want to use (if the app has had an update you'll need to hit 'Uninstall Updates' first)

geek_vtecintegra, Mar 13, 11:05 pm

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