Nvidia driver issues

honeysacat, Feb 22, 2:33am
Just got a GTX 960 after 6 trouble free years of having ATI/AMD.
Having driver issues from day one,
#Codemasters racing games (eg Grid Autosport) will not run full screen on our HD TV, all you get is a mass of coloured squiggly lines, all other games run fine.
#Some older games like GTA 4 and Rage run with a significantly lower frame rate than the HD6850 I just replaced (same in game settings)
Any ideas how I can resolve these issues? Is it even worth trying to contract their customer support?
This is quite ironic considering how many people go on about how Nvidia has better drivers than AMD!

karl.nic, Feb 22, 2:37am
what connection are you using to connect to your your hdtv?

honeysacat, Feb 22, 2:41am
HDMI direct from the card.

lostdude, Feb 22, 2:47am
Motherboard, CPU, PSU make/models? Did you fully uninstall all AMD graphics drivers/CCC before installing the 960? Version of Windows? Is your TV HDCP compliant?

honeysacat, Jul 17, 5:30pm
Using the latest driver from the Nvidia website, uninstalled the AMD drivers before putting new card in using the catalyst install manager.
Motherboard is MSI KA790GX, CPU is phenomII 955, power supply is a cooler master 400W. TV is definitely HDCP compliant.

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