How do you get data on an ipad?

jules36, Mar 9, 11:05pm
You obviously cant buy a Tstick as no usb port? . not wanting to use phone data for it either? Is there some top up card or something that you use?. Bit green here :). No wifi available either. TIA heaps! for any advice

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 11:20pm
Your choices:
- Buy an iPad with mobile data support built in
- Buy a WiFi hotspot
- Use a smartphone to create a WiFi hotspot

kanny2, Mar 9, 11:23pm
you could setup wifi hot spot on your phone and share your mobile data.
or a wifi dongle for your pc internet.

rz_zone, Mar 9, 11:24pm
You need a sim card first, than top up that sim card via the app, online, or pop it into a phone and text the code before popping into the ipad.
If you're with 2degrees, you can use share data. Same with Vodafone but its cost extra (plan). If its not a cellular ipad than tethering is your only option.

rz_zone, Mar 9, 11:34pm
Also, disable auto updates of apps, software updates, iCloud features (except find my iPad and mail) as mobile data is not cheap. And switch it back on when you get to use wifi.

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