Canon connection

Where can I purchase a new power adapter for my Canon scanner.
12Volt 1.8 amp. The 1.8 amp type seems almost non-existent. Would a 2amp one be suitable? I understand the replacement should really be identical to the original but any replacement might work as long as it is not too much greater than the original.

geek_strebo, Aug 5, 5:18 pm

It will only take the amperage it requires regardless of the output of the adaptor.Any 12 volt one will be ok.

geek_gasaxe, Aug 5, 5:23 pm

1.8amp, or *anything* up to 10amp would be fine.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 5, 5:28 pm

Thanx for that.
I'll make a purchase with more confidence.

geek_strebo, Aug 5, 8:16 pm

The current scanner DC jack has a long centre pin that marries to the port in the scanner. Is there a small adaptor interface plug available that would allow me to plug in a new power adaptor DC jack?
Dick Smiths?

geek_strebo, Mar 22, 5:13 am

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