Asus Zenbook UX305. Is this available in NZ pls?

jambee1, Feb 25, 10:06pm
Or similar. Our friends are over from US and this lapop is gorgeous, as well as pretty good specs

I cannot find it available here in NZ and the stores I have called cannot tell me the model that would come close to this

any help appreciated. thanks

king1, Feb 25, 10:51pm
the ux303 is available here - couldn't tell you what the difference is though

jambee1, Feb 26, 12:47am
Thanks king1
Looks like 4gb where as the other has 8 gb
Thanks for your time

vtecintegra, Jul 5, 5:11am
I'd think twice about those passive cooled models - performance is just not there at the moment.

IMO a traditional ULV model like the XPS 13 is a much, much better bet.

E. The UX 303 is also a model with fans - much faster than the 305

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